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Model: DY-150   


Purpose: for play MP3, play MP4, charge up cellphone, digital camera, digital video, palm computer, CD/DVD, emergency lighting, electronic fan, electronic blanket, hand-held computer, mini television, little pump.


* DC input voltage: 12V/24V

* AC output voltage: 110V/220V

* Output frequency: 60HZ/50HZ

* Power rating: 150W

* Power for long use: 120W

* USB output: 5V

* Overload / short circuit / over voltage / low voltage / over heating protection

* Product size: 120*63*43mm

* Product net weight: 140g

* Packing: 50pcs/carton

* Carton size: 575*575*215mm


The inverter can convert 12V (24V for diesel powered car) DC of automobile to 220V / 50HZ AC, and its output rated power is 150W. Appliance in automobile whose service power is less than 150W, and voltage is 220V AC can use this product. It is suitable for DVD, notebook PC, printer, fax machine, electronic game machine, video camera, digital camera etc. and their batteries.




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