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Model: Ruby Filter   


Ruby Filter for Testing Red & Pink Gemstones


Ruby Filter is a filter that is extremely useful in differentiating red stones such as Ruby, Spinel, Tourmaline, and Garnets from others that might look similar in comparison. Using the Filter is as simple as holding it close to your eye, look at the stones, examine your gems and reveal their true identity.


Below are the appearance of various red and pink gemstones when a Ruby a Filter is use:

Type of Stone or Gemstone     Colour Shown through Filter

Red Beryl                                    Grey

Almandine Garnet                       Gray

Pyrope Garnet                            Brownish

Rhodolite Garnet                        Gray

Red Glass                                   Dark Purple

Ruby                                           Bright Blue

Pink Sapphire                             Light Blue

Spinel                                         Gray / Blue

Pink Spinel                                 Light Blue

Tourmaline                                Gray / Purple



* Accurately distinguish the real nature of the gems in an instant
* Supplied with leather pouch case
* Approved by strict quality and safety standards for long and trouble-free life
* Guaranteed high quality and accurate testing results



* Filter material: Glass
* Filter Diameter: 20mm
* Body: Made of Metal
* Swing away metal case

* Genuine Leather case




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